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List of Errata

Cover photograph - delete Jack, insert John F. Hermle, Jr.

Page 72 BURFORD Paragraph 3, lines 6 and 7 - Bert Caro was married to a lady named .Pete,. who worked as a legal secretary for Bert Faulkner.

Page 110 DANNER Add: As a teenager I took violin lessons from Professor Stumpf and then from the well known instructor Willis Nowell and later played for five years in the Juneau Symphony under Cliff Berg.

Page 129 DeROUX Last paragraph, line 7 - . . .Roy married Frances . . .

Page 155 FIELD Title line - delete William, insert Walter D. Field

Page 164 FROMHOLZ Title line - delete Gustaf & Hulda - insert Bill

Page 236 HURLOCK First paragraph, last line - . . .original home town of Baltimore, Maryland.

Page 271 KASSNER Paragraph 3, line 5 - add . . .Department of Transportation,

Paragraph 6, line 3 - add . . .returned to Alaska in August 1949, Paragraph 7, line 4 - add . . .returned to Juneau and married Ivan .Bud. Womack. Paragraph 7, line 6 - add . . .They now live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Page 277 KENDALL First paragraph, line 1 - My parents and grandparents were western Nebraska .Sand Hill. homesteaders. . .

Page 336 METCALFE Last paragraph omitted - add: Nadine attended Juneau High School. While in high school she worked one summer for the George Brothers Grocery store, and in her senior year worked after school for the Territorial Treasurer.s office. She graduated in 1943 and attended the University of Alaska in Fairbanks for one year. Following school she worked for the Alaska Communications System and for the Territorial and State Legislatures in various capacities (Chief Clerk, and Administrative Assistant to both finance committees). Nadine also worked as supervisor of Elections for Southeast Alaska. She devoted after-hours time, over a period of about three years, to editing the minutes of the Alaska Constitutional Convention. Nadine has four children; Donna, James (Jim), Janet and Anne, three of whom still reside in Alaska. Nadine lived for many years in Juneau, five in Homer and then in Anchorage with her husband, Robert E. Price. Nadine died in April 2003.

Page 420 POPEJOY First paragraph line 3 - delete Seward, insert Main . . .

Page 448 ROBERTSON/EASTAUGH Paragraph 2 - omitted from .Statehood & the Constitutional Convention. Add: At the 1955 constitutional convention, Delegate R. E. .Bob. Robertson approved of statehood but wanted Juneau named the capital in the body of the constitution, not just in the schedule of transitional measures. (In 1962, the Alaska Supreme Court held that because the state capital reference was only a transitional measure, the capital could be changed by statute or initiative.) Bob also believed that the initiative process the Constitution proposed was too easy to implement, and because initiatives can.t be easily corrected, bad law could result. He also opposed a provision submitting an ordinance to the voters on whether to abolish fish traps. Arguing unsuccessfully to change the three items, Bob submitted a letter of resignation to convention President William Egan three days before the convention concluded and returned to Juneau. Believing the resignation wouldn.t be effective unless all of the delegates accepted it, Egan did not distribute copies of the letter. The convention concluded without Bob Robertson.s vote. In 1960, Bob was persuaded to sign the constitution, which he did happily, finally making it a unanimous vote.

Page 464 SCOTT Photo caption - delete Earl, insert Ralph Beistline . . .

Page 475 SNOW/JENNE Second page, next to last paragraph omitted. Add: Joe Snow went to Bremerton in 1937 to do defense work. There, he and his wife, Gertrude (Jorgenson) Snow, lost their little daughter, Sharon. They had another child, Mike. After their divorce, Gertrude and Mike returned to Juneau where she married Ken Millard. After World War II naval service in the Pacific, Joe married Saxon Heath of Ketchikan and they moved back to Juneau. They had three children.Damon, Sandy (Fleek), and Linda Snow, all reared in Juneau. They later divorced. Joe worked as an administrator for the U.S. Veterans Administration, retiring with 33 years of service. He was an avid baseball player and fan. He died in Juneau on April 2, 1998.

page 177 GOLDSTEIN: para1…change Isadora to Isadore. Same in para 4.

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