"Your selections up to now have been excellent. Thanks. Give me a little highbrow and a little lowbrow."
Patron, Manley Hot Springs

"We all enjoy listening to the books-on-tape while doing other work projects."
Patron, Kobuk

"I want to thank you so much for letting us use your books this summer. My 4 year old especially loved the ones you sent for him. We must have read them all 25 times."
Patron, Chignik Lagoon

"It's always a big deal to get our mail, and when we get our library shipment -OH BOY-!! Today we all have our noses in the new books you've sent and it's SO MUCH FUN! Your service is soooo appreciated!!"
Patron, Red Devil

"I am back from my travels and ready to receive your wonderful goodie packets."
Patron, Glennallen

"You guys do such an awesome job, I can't tell you how much we appreciate your work."
Patron, Chicken

"I borrowed a video that has to be returned, but I'm not done yet. Can I borrow it again? It's so much fun. From a grateful rural subscriber."
Patron, Allakaket

"You help make winters brighter!"
Patron, Glennallen

"We're so happy we have the chance to access the library even though we live in a remote community."
Patron, Togiak

"We spend a lot of time in the woods at camps and other cabins. We always read aloud to each other in the evening. Thanks so much for the service."
Patron, Central

"I would like to take this moment to thank you for your service these past 13 years. You have made bush living a whole lot more enjoyable."

"I am amazed at how you "know" what I want to read!"
Patron, Kokhanok

"Thank you, you have changed our lives."
Patron, Chitina

"It's interesting to read books picked out by someone else, as this expands my interests beyond what I myself would pick out, it is a good way to avoid getting in a rut."
Patron, Central

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