Criminal Law - Domestic Violence - Introduction

Domestic violence is a transforming problem for its victims and for Juneau. It brutalizes people, destroys families, and coarsens society. The City and Borough of Juneau is committed to providing prompt, effective, and continuing services in response to this problem

This website explains how
our staff administers domestic violence caes.

Basic policy is established in laws passed by the Alaska Legislature and the CBJ Assembly. These laws define domestic violence and establish rules for police, prosecutors, judges, and corrections officials. The laws also address domestic violence issues relating to insurance, education, divorce, child support, permanent fund dividends and many other subjects. You can download a complete collection of laws relating to domestic violence from here. It is a large Adobe Acrobat document - about 500k- and will take several minutes to download on most modems. Many browsers are set up to read Acrobat. If yours is not, you can get a free Acrobat reader from Adobe

The links to the left lead to pages which:

  • answer frequently-asked questions
  • explain police procedures
  • describe how domestic violence effects children, and how batterers use children to gain control over their victims
  • provide information about other community and national resources.

If you are scheduled to appear in court proceedings, you may be interested in our photographic tour of the Juneau Distrcit Court facilities.

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Domestic Violence
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