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Division of Lands & Resources


Willoughby District Land Use Plan


The Willoughby District Land Use Plan is a long range plan. The Plan will be a blue print for development in this area for the next 20-25 years. It will be used by CBJ staff (and portions of the plan will be adopted into Juneau's Comprehensive Plan), public and private landowners, developers, and the general public. The projects in it will be accomplished over time by a series of near to long term public sector investments in park and plaza space, infrastructure, and parking; and through private sector investments as land owners are ready to improve their properties.


Cover Page

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Willoughby District History and Context

Direction from Adopted CBJ Plans

Willoughby District Assets and Challenges

Willoughby District Land Use Plan


Appendix A - Willoughby District Land Use Plan - Summary of Public Input

Appendix B - Ordinance Apopting the Willoughby District Land Use Plan


Willoughby District Land Use Plan - Full Document


For more information contact Greg Chaney or Jessica Beck at 586-5252

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