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Division of Lands & Resources

Land Management Plans


On April 6th, 2016, the CBJ Assembly adopted the 2016 Land Management Plan (Ordinance No. 2016-18). Sixteen years had passed since the 1999 Land Management Plan was adopted, and since that time, 93 parcels of CBJ land have been sold, traded, or donated while 111 proprerties were acquired.


The Land Management Plan outlines four goals:


Goal 1: Continue the land disposal program which systematically places CBJ land into private ownership.

Goal 2: Provide direction on the best use of CBJ owned land for both development and preservation.

Goal 3: Conduct CBJ land disposals in a manner that promotes compact urban growth and efficient expansion of municipal utilities and services.

Goal 4: Maintain the Land Management Plan as required under CBJ53.09.180 as a comprehensive reference document, updated every two years, that establishes CBJ land management policy and provides a framework for developing regulations concerning CBJ property.


2016 Land Management Plan

Implementation Strategy for the 2016 Land Management Plan

1999 Land Management Plan

1994 Land Management Plan

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