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Division of Lands & Resources

Juneau Affordable Housing Fund

The Juneau Affordable Housing Fund (JAHF) is a program of the City and Borough of Juneau.



On July 19, 2010, the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly passed ordinance No. 2010-11(G) (b) that appropriated $400,000 into the Juneau Affordable Housing Fund to be used for the creation, acquisition, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable housing based on review and recommendation of the Affordable Housing Commission. In 2011 the Alaska Legislature appropriated $90,000 to augment the fund. In 2011 one loan was made to St. Vincent De Paul Society of Alaska  for predevelopment costs of the Smith Hall expansion.  Currently the fund has $477,000 available for affordable housing loans and fund operations.

Purpose of the Program

The primary purpose for establishing the Juneau Affordable Housing Fund is to leverage outside resources, including public subsidies and private capital to assist with the development of more affordable housing in Juneau. Other purposes for establishing the JAHF program include:

  • Helping affordable housing developers show community-based financial match;
  • Local investment into the economy and the affordable housing stock; and
  • Directing resources toward housing that addresses critical housing needs.

Program Activities

The overall goal for the JAHF is to use funds to provide housing for households at 120% Area Median Income (AMI) or below by:

  • Funding capital costs of rental and ownership housing;
  • For capacity-building activities of non-profit developers;
  • Funding supportive services for occupants of affordable housing; and
  • Funding operating expenses of housing developments.

Current Priorities

The Affordable Housing Commission may elect to prioritize certain types of housing projects from time to time.  Presently, projects for construction of new housing units, particularly one-bedroom rentals, which are structured to providing long-term or permanent affordability for households designated as low income (80% of Area Median Income, adjusted for household size), according to HUD income limit definitions, are preferred.

How to Apply

Please see the Juneau Affordable Housing Fund Program Description and Application Guidelines for further details and application instructions. Interested developers are strongly encouraged to arrange a site visit and interview before making application. Technical assistance for applicants who have not previously accessed development financing is available too. Please call the Lands & Resources Office at 907-586-5252 or email if you have questions or need more information.

JAHF Application Materials

JAHF Program Guidelines (PDF)

JAHF Application (Word Document)

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