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Division of Lands & Resources


Film Permits


Filming on City Property

The Lands and Resources Division assists the City in coordinating film permit application requests involving CBJ Lands, Parks and Recreation, Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau International Airport, Juneau Police and Fire Departments, Docks and Habors, Eagle Crest Ski Resort, and Library properties.


To determine if your film location is on City property, please use the CBJ Parcel Viewer tool.


Note: The City only issues film permits for City property.


City Film Permit Application

If you are requesting a film permit, please download and fill out the below application and send it along with a copy of your Certificate of Insurance to the Lands and Resources Office,


CBJ Film Permit Application (fillable form)

Note: Please provide adequate time for the CBJ to review and process the application. Depending on the application, Lands staff may have to coordinate with multiple CBJ Departments to secure permissions to the requested locations.


If a requested location is on CBJ Parks and Rec property, you will be required to fill out a Commercial Use Permit and pay associated fees. Parks and Rec staff will determine if filming impacts public access to the park or causes potential damage to City property.


The City requests that any film made on CBJ property use the following statement and emblem:


“Filmed On Location In The City and Borough of Juneau - Alaska’s Capital City”


Made in Juneau - City and Borough of Juneau

Made in Juneau - City and Borough of Juneau (transparent)


Examples of Productions that have filmed on CBJ property:

  • Out of the Woods Productions with "The Alaska Bush People"
  • Orion Entertainment with "Building Alaska"
  • Lucid Reverie
  • Brand USA
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • "Limbo"
  • "Wildlike"
  • "Claws"
  • The State of Alaska Governor's Office

Filming on United States Forest Service (USFS) Property

While the City and Borough of Juneau only issues film permits for City property, below are documents provided by the USFS for filming on USFS Region 10 properties like the Mendenhall Glacier. Please direct all communication with the USFS office at 907-586-8806.

General Information

2016 Film Permit Application

2016 Admiralty Filming Stipulations

2016 Film Questionnaire

2015 Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area Filming Stipulations








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