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Historic Preservation in Juneau

Starr Hill

As the Juneau Townsite began filling up with new development adjacent hillside lands began showing promise for expansion. One such area was just north of the original Juneau Townsite. Named for Frank Starr, the neighborhood was home to the working class of miners primarily from the Alaska Juneau Gold Mine. Starr had made some mine claims but was primarily a builder and contractor. Starr Hill was a popular neighborhood for mine workers as it was close to the mines and downtown.

The boundaries of Starr Hill comprise an area north of Harris and Gold Street and between Second Street and Sixth Street. Within this neighborhood is a small group of homes which were all built at approximately the same time and of the same design. They were built for mine employees and their families but not by the mining company but by local investors and builders. The are located on Kennedy Street and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Kennedy Street Historic District.


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