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Historic Preservation in Juneau

Historic Cemeteries in Douglas

The historic cemeteries in Douglas, Alaska tell a unique story of the people of the area and are deserving of recognition as such. Unfortunately, accurate records of the Douglas cemeteries are difficult to obtain due to the 1937 fire in Douglas, which destroyed the community’s important records.  Much of the records available included the fading memories of the pioneers and old newspaper clippings from the Douglas Island and Juneau newspapers.  Regrettably, the Juneau newspaper made little mention of deaths in Douglas or Treadwell unless a major accident occurred.

A 1995 historic sites and structures inventory identified three non-continuous cemetery sites on Douglas, known generally as the “Catholic Cemetery”, “Eagles Cemetery”, and the “Douglas Indian Cemetery”. All three cemeteries are located along Douglas Highway within a mile and a half of each other. While documenting the cemeteries, it was uncovered that two of the cemeteries were actually made up of a grouping of smaller cemeteries.  The “Catholic Cemetery” includes the Catholic Cemetery, the Odd Fellows Cemetery, the Masons Cemetery, the Native Cemetery, the Asian Cemetery, and the Russian Orthodox Cemetery.  The “Eagles Cemetery” is made up of the City Cemetery, the Eagles Cemetery, and the Servian Cemetery.

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