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Historic Preservation in Juneau

Historic Photos

Douglas Harmony Band
Eric A. Hegg Photographs;
Alaska State Library
PCA 124-40

Most of the photographs presented here are from the collections of the Alaska State Library. They may be reproduced if the Alaska State Library is credited and with the description given on these pages, including the collection number (PCA number).

Photographic quality reproductions may be ordered from the Alaska State Library for a fee.   When requesting further information about individual photographs, please include the complete description of the photograph given in these web pages, including the collection name and PCA number.  Permissions for other photographs must be obtained as indicated.

If you have historic photographs of  Juneau, Douglas, Treadwell, or surrounding areas that you would like to submit for possible display here, please contact the Juneau Public Library (address below) or the webmaster.

Douglas, Alaska

  • Page one
    Douglas views | Douglas after the 1911 fire | Douglas after the 1937 fire

  • Page two
    Front Street stores | Douglas street scenes

Treadwell, Alaska

  • Page one
    Treadwell mines views | Bear's Nest Mine | Treadwell Mine, superintendent's residence and machine shop.

  • Page two
    Treadwell Mine.  # 2 head-frame main hoist and rope supporting towers. | Treadwell mine looking across mine complex toward Gastineau Channel. | Treadwell Office and Company Store. | Treadwell foundry | Treadwell Assay Office, melting room.

  • Page three
    Treadwell mines, row of stamps. |  Treadwell Mine, 240 stamp mill, vanner room. | Treadwell Mine, 24 x 60 hoisting engine. | Mexican Mine.  Old hoisting engine. | Mexican Mine.  New hoisting engine. | Mexican Mine.  Mill engine.

  • Page four
    Ready Bullion Mine. Mine engine and compressor. | Heins boilers. 700 Foot Mine. | Treadwell miners waiting dinner [group of men on boardwalk over pilings]. | Treadwell store.

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