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Finance Department


Portfolio Structures

The Central Treasury investments are divided between four different portfolios. Each portfolio has different invest objectives. The portfolios include-

Short Portfolio
Investments include Treasury, Agency and AAA Corporate securities with maturities of less than 2 years. CDs and managed pool accounts (AMLIP) are also available investments.

Short-Intermediate Portfolio
Investments include those available for the Short Portfolio, but with maturities up to 5 ½ years.

External Portfolio
Investments include those available for the Short Portfolio but include investment grade corporate securities and have no maturity limit. The Portfolio is restricted to the duration of the Barclays Intermediate Gov/Credit Index.

Long Portfolio
Investments include mutual funds as specified in CBJ Code and Investment Policy. The portfolio is maintained by Vanguard Institutional Investments and managed internally.

The Short, Short-Intermediate and Long Portfolios are managed internally. The External Portfolio is managed externally by the firm of Alaska Permanent Capital Management.

Management of Investments Portfolio Structures Investment Performance
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