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Finance Department


The City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ), manages its cash and cash equivalents (investments) using a Central Treasury management approach. This requirement is in compliance with CBJ Charter section 9.13(d).

Except as otherwise provided by the assembly by ordinance, the assembly shall provide that all funds of the municipality from whatever source, including the education function, shall be deposited in a central treasury.

In compliance with this requirement, all CBJ operations (general government, school district and enterprise operations) pool their cash and cash equivalents into a single Central Treasury location. This approach provides a number of financial and operational benefits including an economy of scale. The size of the centralized cash pool allows for longer term higher interest bearing investments and the ability to better balance operational and capital project cash flows. With Central Treasury Management, cash flow income from one area can be used to meet cash flow expenditures from another while maintaining the integrity of each entity, thus allowing for smaller short-term operational cash balances.

Management of Investments Portfolio Structures Investment Performance

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