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Assessor Office


Welcome to the Assessor Office

The Assessor Office is responsible for the discovery, listing and valuation of all taxable real and business personal property within the Borough in a fair and uniform manner in accordance with state law and borough code. The Assessor office also administers exemption programs as authorized by law.


Property Inspection Notice

 Please Note:  Please don’t be alarmed if you see someone taking pictures of the exterior of your property. They are likely to be CBJ appraisers and can be identified by their issued CBJ badge. They also drive CBJ marked vehicles.  CBJ has implemented a Property Value Assessment Program following the requirements of Alaska Statue 29.45 and CBJ Code Chapter 15.  The Assessor’s Office (AO) administers the program. Due to the volume of properties we are unable to notify each individual homeowner in advance. Our media representative posts the neighborhood locations online and on other media outlets.


Note: The Assessor’s Database currently contains the updated Property Values for 2019.


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City Assessor
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