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Senior Sales Tax Rebate Program Overview

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Clinton Singletary
Sales Tax Administrator

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Sales tax plays an important roll in funding the services and infrastructure the people of Juneau rely on.


Merchants are required to collect sales tax on non-exempt purchases and remit that amount to the CBJ Sales Tax Office. Sales tax is not a tax on businesses or business owners, but is the People's money collected on behalf of CBJ by merchants, for the benefit of the community as a whole.


The vast majority of Juneau merchants are very conscientious in complying with filing and remitting requirements. Delinquent merchants represent less than 0.08% of CBJ's annual sales tax collections. 


New business owners- please choose from the menu to the left to understand filing, remitting, and record keeping requirements


The City also offers sales tax exemption cards to senior citizens, non-profit organizations, and for resale purposes.

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