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Stabler Point Quarry Overburden Stripping 2010

Bid Opening Date 05/06/2010

Type of Solicitation: RFQBid/RFP Number: E10-269
Date Advertised: December 31, 1969Construction Estimate: $23,000
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    The Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, materials and perform all Work to strip overburden from quarry expansion area where directed by the quarry manager. Work shall consist of excavation of mineral and organic overburden soils down to bedrock to prepare the site for drilling, and transport of stripped overburden by off road vehicle to the onsite storage area. Work may also include moving and piling of blown over trees, logs, stumps and other miscellaneous woody materials. Approximately 1.5 acres is potentially available to be stripped under this contract. The actual overburden volume to be stripped is uncertain as the depth of overburden varies greatly over the project area. Work shall proceed on a time and materials basis until the project budget has been reached. Additional work loading and transporting existing overburden piles to the storage area may be added to the contract.
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      Low Bidder/Successful Proposer: Stephens Passage Development LLC
      Bid Opening/Proposal Due Date:
      May 6, 2010
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