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Engineering Department

Downtown Seawalk - Miner's Cove to Franklin Dock

Bid Opening Date 08/14/2013

Type of Solicitation: BidBid/RFP Number: E13-288
Date Advertised: July 16, 2013Construction Estimate: $3,900,000.00
Plan Holders List:
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  • Cost of Bid Documents: $50.00
    This Project consists of construction of an elevated marine Seawalk adjacent to the existing Minerís Cove Building Seawalk and south past the Transfer dock to the restroom facility, including construction of steel pipe piles, splices and pile caps; pier timberwork and decking; concrete footings, retaining walls, planters and pedestals; railings; concrete sidewalk; asphalt pavement; grading, fill and storm drainage work; overhead canopy; picnic tables, benches, landscaping, sign installation; electrical utilities; the relocation of a sewer line; and other related Work.
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    Low Bidder/Successful Proposer: North Pacific Erectors, Inc.
    Bid Opening/Proposal Due Date:
    August 14, 2013
    Bid Amount:
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    Award Date:
    August 27, 2013
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    All Engineering Deparment procurement must adhere to the CBJ Purchasing Code - Chapter 53.50



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