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CBJ Material Sources Construction Services Term Contract

Proposal Due Date 03/02/2011

Type of Solicitation: RFPBid/RFP Number: E11-177
Date Advertised: February 9, 2011Construction Estimate: N/A
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    The purpose of this document is to solicit proposals from qualified Contractors to provide general construction services at various CBJ materials sources. The proposed term contract will cover small projects not-to-exceed $50,000.00 each. Three Contractors will be selected. Work will be contracted on a rotational basis among the selected three. The Contractor shall perform all work and furnish all labor, materials, parts and equipment needed to perform general civil construction services CBJ material sources. Work shall include but not be limited to: General laboring,Excavator work,Large bulldozer work,Loading,Hauling with on and off road trucks,Blasting (can be subcontracted,Compacting,Grading,Erosion and sediment control,Drainage ditch maintenance,Pond bailing and Hydroseeding.
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    Low Bidder/Successful Proposer: Miller Construction, Arete Construction, and Jugs
    Bid Opening/Proposal Due Date:
    March 2, 2011
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    All Engineering Deparment procurement must adhere to the CBJ Purchasing Code - Chapter 53.50



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