Alaska Commercial Fishermen's Memorial

A Question, Oh Lord

I have a question
That comes to mind,
Of a thing that happens,
Throughout mankind.

Oh Lord, tell me why,
So many must die,
When They’ve licked all their troubles and strife.
They’ve faced all the odds,
And now all the nods,
Are a promise of good things in life.
It makes a man ponder,
And seriously wonder,
Is his future around the next bend.
For it seems so unfair
When others elsewhere
Say, Oh God! How I wish it would end.

Oh Lord, tell me this
Why should it be
That one who loves life
Should be taken by Thee
While yet there are others
That wish to die
That suffer within
Yet live on to cry
Why Lord?

By Hjalmar Savikko
Written May 13, 1961
Revised May 16, 1961

Dedicated to Paul Ecklund
A Troller Highliner

IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau
Alaska Commercial Fishermens' Memorial