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Juneau, Alaska 99801
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Engineering Department

Downtown Street Improvement/ Franklin and Front Street Reconstruction

Initiated by a grassroots effort to improve the condition and experience of the downtown core area of Juneau, this project has undergone an extensive publice outreach and schematic design phase. 

Phase I Construction : Spring 2017, Complete
Phase II Construction: Spring 2018 and Fall 2018, Complete late October.
Phase III Construction: Spring 2019 and Fall 2019, Design in Progress


65% Plans, Public Meeting Phase IIIAssessment Documents 100% Plans, Public Meeting #5 Phase II
Assessment Documents
100% Design Documents, Phase I
Assessment Documents
Public Meeting #4, 9/29/16, 65% Phase I
Assessment Documents
Assessment Documents
Assessment Documents
Public Meeting #1, 4/2/15
Recommendation Documents
Street Section
Public Meeting #2, 6/17/15
Street View
35% Design
35% Design
Public Meeting #3, 12/09/15
Meeting 3

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