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Engineering Department

CBJ Engineering Standard Details - 4th Edition - August 2011

To print the Standard Details book in its entirety (87 pages), click on the link above.


Letter from Rorie Watt, P.E., CBJ Engineering Director

Errata 1 and 2

Printable Index
  Street Details
Gravel Surface Roadway Section Outside Urban Service Boundary
Minimum Paved Roadway Section With Curb & Gutter
Minimum Paved Roadway Section With Guardrail
Local Access Street Section
Local Access Street With Biofiltration Swale
Driveway For Streets Without Curb & Gutter
Driveway For Streets With Area Drains
Culvert Headwall With Hinged Trash Rack
Culvert Headwall Without Hinged Trash Rack
Driveway Curb Cut
Accessible Sidewalk Ramp
Local Access Street Cul-De-Sac
Concrete Sidewalk, Type I Curb & Gutter
Curb & Gutter Types II & III
Curb & Gutter Types IV & V
Cantilevered Single Mailbox
Cantilevered Gang Mailbox
Street Lighting
Junction Box Type 1 & Type 1A
Junction Box Type II & Type III
Private Utility Location Within CBJ R-O-W
Standard Stairway
Standard Stairway
Standard Stairway
Standard Stairway
Pavement Resurfacing And Trench Detail
Concrete Collar
Sign Assembly Single-Post
Sign Assembly Double-Post
  Sanitary Sewer Details
Sanitary Sewer Manhole Types I & II
Sanitary Sewer Drop Manhole
Manhole Heights
Standard Manhole Cover & Frame
Locking Manhole Cover & Frame
Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Mainline
Manhole Connection Details
Sanitary Sewer Saddle Tee
Sanitary Sewer Service Lateral
Sanitary Sewer Connection Customer Service Line
Sanitary Sewer Crossing
Pressure Sanitary Sewer Service Lateral
Coupling For Dissimilar Sanitary Sewer Pipes
Residential Pump Station Pressure Main
Pump Station Plan View
Pump Station Elevation View
Pump Station Details
Pump Station Details
Pump Station Cabinet Shields
Pump Station Control Panel Back To Back Layout
Pump Station Control Panel Side By Side Layout
Pump Station Pump Panel Door Elevation
Pump Station Ladder Diagram
Pump Station Notes & Trench Detail
Pump Station Single Line Diagram
  Drainage Details
Storm Drain Manhole Types I & II
Type III Catch Basin
Type IV Catch Basin
Oil-Water Separator Storm Drain Manhole
Storm Drain Manhole Cover & Frame
Storm Drain Service Lateral
Curb Inlet Frame, Grate & Hood
Local Depression At Catch Basin
Area Drain Detail
Silt Fence
Rock Check Dam
  Water Details
Fire Hydrant
Hydrant Guard Posts
Hydrant Pad
Water Service
Ductile Iron Water Service
Fire Line Connection
Mainline Valve
Air Release Valve
Air Release Valve Offset Location
Rigid Insulation
Bored Encasement
Downward Concave Thrust Block
Horizontal And Concave Upward Thrust Blocks
Residential Water Service Connection
Meter Installation


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