North Douglas Crossing Public Involvement Project

To Identify Juneau's Preferred Crossing Route for a Crossing of Gastineau Channel

April 2007


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Executive Summary

1.0      Introduction

2.0      Project Background & Status

           2.1      CBJ Feasibility Study (1984)

           2.2      ADOT&PF Preliminary Scoping and Environmental Analysis (2005)

           2.3      CBJ Resolution - Focus on Three Alternative Routes (2005)

           2.4      Next Steps

3.0      Methodology

            3.1      Stakeholder & Agency Interviews

            3.2      Public Meetings and Project Information

            3.3      Community Opinion Survey

            3.4      Project Engineering

            3.5      Report and Recommendations to CBJ Assembly

4.0      Context for the Crossing Project

            4.1      Navigability of Gastineau Channel

            4.2      Juneau International Airport

            4.3      Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge

            4.4      North Douglas Highway and Residential Area

            4.5      West Douglas New Growth Area

            4.6      Traffic Modeling and Transportation Planning

5.0      North Douglas Crossing Alternatives

            5.1      Engineering Tasks and Methodology

            5.2      Alternative Alignments

                 5.2.1      Vanderbilt Hill Road Corridor

                 5.2.2      Sunny Point Corridor

                 5.2.3      Yandukin A Corridor

                 5.2.4      Yandukin B Corridor

                 5.2.5      Yandukin C Corridor

6.0      Public Involvement & Agency Consultation

            6.1      Agency Consultation

            6.2      Stakeholder and Public Comments Regarding Alternatives

                  6.2.1      Vanderbilt Hill Road Corridor

                  6.2.2      Sunny Point Corridor

                  6.2.3      Yandukin Drive Corridors (A, B or C)

                  6.2.4      Comments Suggesting Other Alternatives

                  Salmon Creek or Non-Refuge Alternative

                  West of the Airport Alternatives

                  No Build Alternative

           6.3       Factors Important to the Public and Stakeholders When Evaluating Alternatives

           6.4      Comments Regarding Key Issues Related to the North Douglas Crossing

                 6.4.1      View of Importance of North Douglas Crossing

                 6.4.2      Process for Selecting a Community Preferred Alternative

                 6.4.3      Impacts on North Douglas Neighborhood and Property Owners

                 Inclusion of the Bench Road in the North Douglas Crossing Project

                 Community Development Issues

                 Completion of a North Douglas Impact Analysis

                 Property Values and Compensation

                6.4.4      Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge and Section 4(f)

                6.4.5      Additional Comments

7.0      Community Opinion Survey

           7.1      Support for North Douglas Crossing

           7.2      Opinions Regarding Alternative Crossings

           7.3      Factors Important in Selecting a Community-Preferred Alternative

8.0      Alternative Comparison & Recommendations

           8.1      Key Evaluation Factors

           8.2      Recommendations

           8.3      Comparison of Alternatives

           8.4      Response to Comments

           8.5      Conclusion


Appendix A      CBJ Resolution 2330(b)

Appendix B      Typical 3-Way Intersection and North Douglas Highway Upgrades

Appendix C      North Douglas Crossing Preliminary Cost Estimates

Appendix D      Agency Meeting Summary

Appendix E      Stakeholder Meeting Summaries

Appendix F      Public Meeting Summaries

Appendix G      Community Opinion Survey Report

Appendix H      Matrix of Stakeholder and Public Comments

Appendix I       Copies of Written Public Comments



1        Conceptual Alignments for Juneau North Douglas Crossing Alternatives

2        Vanderbilt Hill Road Crossing Area-Recommended Community Preferred Alternative



1        North Douglas Crossing Project-Comparison of Alternative Crossings       


IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau
Engineering Department--City and Borough of Juneau