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Engineering Department





The Marine Park/ Seawalk project will include a seawalk along the waterfront to connect the existing seawalk at Marine Park to the western edge of the Seadrome property and create a connection back to Egan Drive.  Marine Park will be designed to support existing businesses and waterfront activity in this area as well as provide for community performance and civic gatherings.  The planning and design concepts will consider the recommendations set forth in the Long Range Waterfront Plan, adopted by the Assembly in 2004, for this area (Area C).


The Marine Park/ Seawalk project is directly related to the CBJ Docks & Harbors “Downtown Cruise Ship Improvements” project, known as 16B.  16B will remove the lightering float and relocate its function from this area of the waterfront and move it further South.  16B will allow the existing seawalk to return to its full width for public use.  The combination of 16B and the new Marine Park/ Seawalk project will create a continuous seawalk and allow for an expansion to the existing Marine Park footprint. 


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