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Construction of Seawalk - Bridge to Gold Creek

The Seawalk section from Juneau Douglas Bridge to Gold Creek is under construction. Construction will continue through the summer and fall and parts of the site may still be in construction into spring 2018.  The park and seawalk are anticipated to be fully open to the public for the 2018 summer season.  Additional information on the overall seawalk plan can be found at




Project Construction Update June 8, 2017: Construction activity is continuing on the island and park and some final items on the elevated deck. The Phase 2 contractor, North Pacific Erectors, has completed the boat deck benches and is working on guardrail cables and wood top rails. Guardrail lighting and decorative cover plates will be installed soon after material arrives in Juneau.  The Phase 3 contractor, Admiralty Construction, is continuing to work on the island and in the Bridge Park area.  The gravel soil mix is 75% complete in the upper island.  A silt boom has been placed around the island to allow placement of cobble gravel soil mix at lower elevations.  This mix wil provide nutrients for future native plants.  Additional snags and other habitat features are being installed. Additionally, the aging water main at the end of 9th Street is being replaced, subgrades are ready for foundations for the picnic and bus shelters and the whale pool wall forming has begun. 

The pubilc is advised to use caution when traveling on West 8th and 9th Streets in this area and wherever construction vehicles are present.  Pedestrian trafic is still restricted in specific areas during construction activity


Update May 19: The Phase II contractor, North Pacific Erectors, is completing work on the elevated deck portion of the project.  Most of the work this spring has been related to guardrails, benches and shore connections.  Some additional structural work is anticipated this month near the ADFG building and the guardrail lighting will be installed.  The Phase III contractor, Admiaralty Construction, is beginning their work.  Their crews are working in two areas: installing the final soil and habitat features on the island, and completion of Bridge Park.  The Bridge Park work is beginning with the concrete for the whale pool and water feature. 


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Cost and Contract Summary:

Phase 1 - This work includes rock fill and sitework for the island and park, and was awarded to McG Constructors for $2.55 million. Complete.

Phase 2 - This work includes the pile-supported walkways from the park to the island and from the island to Gold Creek and Egan Drive. It was awarded to North Pacific Erectors for $4.06 million. Construction will be complete mid-summer.

Phase 3 -  This work includes the final surfacing, park and plaza, whale pool, park landscaping, island seawalk and habitat enhancement. It was awarded to Admiralty Construction for $2,961,791.


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Our permitting process for this project lasted about 2 years and the application information is included below. This information offers thorough documentation on the history, planning, design intent, mitigation and habitat requirements, and scientific study and background.


Construction Drawings:

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III


Project Milestones and Timeline:



2004 – Long Range Waterfront Plan adopted by the Assembly designating Area A as the Environmental Enhancement/Open Space Recreation theme.

2008- Planning Begins on Area A

2009- Docks and Harbors introduces the idea of the Maritime Museum at Bridge Park

2010- Public Meeting and Review of seawalk and park concept design options

2012- Demolition of the City Shop at Bridge Park, Whale Site at Bridge Park Officially Adopted and “Spit” property purchased for Seawalk

2013-Design Development, Agency Public Meeting, and Permitting Process Initiation

2014- March submittal of Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) permit and Design Development

2015- ACOE permit received March, Final Design and Construction Documents for Original Bid

2016- Rebid of Phased Project and Construction


Other Info:


Historical Information:

Contact Information:

Skye Stekoll, Project Manager


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