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Drinking Water Information

Municipal Drinking Water Plan

Assembly Resolution Adopting a Municipal Drinking Water Plan


Resolution 2656 - A Resolution Approving the Amended Agreements Between the CBJ & AJT Mining Properties, Inc. Unitizing Certain Mining Properties


AJ Mine Water Study

AJ Mine Advisory Committee


The AJ Mine Advisory Committee is a committee composed of seven members appointed by the Mayor. The charge of the advisory committee is to advise the assembly on the following question:

Under what circumstances, if any, should the CBJ promote development of the AJ Mine?


AJMAC Final Report to the Assembly - May 16, 2011

Public Comments received February-April, 2011



  • Donna Pierce, Chair
  • Kurt Fredriksson, Vice-Chair
  • Frank Bergstrom
  • Laurie Ferguson Craig
  • Gregg Erickson
  • Maria Gladziszewski
  • Sam Smith

Staff Liaison: Rorie Watt, P.E., Engineering Director


The committee will hold at least four meetings before May 1, 2011. The meetings are open to the public. Meeting time and location will be notated on the committee’s Agenda & Minutes webpage, as well as advertised through the Municipal Clerk’s office. Meeting audio files are available for download from this page as well. In order to play the audio files of the AJMAC full committee meetings, the free software: "TheRecord Player" must be installed on your computer. CDs of audio files are available upon request - contact CBJ Engineering at 586-0800.

Submitted Documents

AJ Mine historical and informational documents submitted by members of the public and committee members.




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