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Energy Information

The January 12, 2009 Avalanche

The avalanche that severed Juneau from its cheap and clean source of power affected all of Juneau -- families, business, and government.  City employees are taking energy conservation measures and continue to look for ways to further reduce energy consumption.  Although the Snettisham line has been repaired and diesel generators have been shut down CBJ continues to encourage Juneau residents to continue to conserve!  Thanks Juneau for all your conservation efforts, every bit helps!


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Daily Energy and Fuel Use Statistics


News and Documents

February 5, 2009: AEL&P Press Release: AEL&P Announces Emergency Cost of Power Adjustment

February 2, 2009: AEL&P Press Release: Snettisham Line Repaired - Diesel Generators Shut Down

January 20, 2009: AEL&P Press Release: Avalanche Repair Schedule Accelerated - Emergency Rates Lower

January 15, 2009: AEL&P Press Release: Avalanche Repair Plan

January 15, 2009: AEL&P Press Release: Emergency Rate Estimated

January 13, 2009: CBJ Press Release


Link to the CBJ webpage regarding the April 16, 2008 Avalanches


Energy Saving Info

Ways to reduce your energy bill (printable brochure mailed to all households in Juneau)

No cost: 

  • unplug appliances you're not using
  • reduce the temperature setting on your hot water heater
  • take shorter showers
  • wash full loads of clothes in cold water
  • use the power saver setting on your dishwasher
  • hang your clothes out to dry or only partially dry clothes in your clothes dryer

Low cost:

  • install compact florescent lightbulbs (remember to dispose of them properly)
  • install low flow shower heads
  • seal and weatherstrip windows and doors

Amazing fact:  it takes over a half gallon of diesel fuel to generate the electrcity to run your clothes dryer for 1 hour!

Lists of the energy use of many household appliances:


More detailed recommendations and a lot more information may be found through the links, below.

AEL&P website

Juneau Unplugged

Flex Your Power (California statewide energy efficiency outreach campaign)

U.S. Department of Energy -- info for consumers

101 ways to save energy

Alliance to Save Energy - Info for consumers

California Energy Commission - Energy Choices in the Home

California Energy Commission - links regarding energy conservation and efficiency

Energy checklist ffrom

Sustainable Juneau

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority


Brochures produced by the City of Sitka:


Want some help increasing the energy efficiency of your home?

State of Alaska Weatherization and Energy Rebate.  Last spring, the legislature appropriated $300 million to AHFC for weatherization and energy rebate programs. The funding will help Alaskans reduce their energy bills by making energy-efficient improvements to their homes.  See the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation website for more information.

Who qualifiesYou if you own and occupy your own home, regardless of your income.

Maximum Rebate Amount:  Up to $10,000. Final rebate amount depends on steps and points achieved on Post-Improvement rating.

See the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation website for more information on how to get your $10,000.

Weatherization Deal or No Deal - quick info on what improvements are worth doing in your home and what might not pay off. 



Financial  & Other Assistance for Individuals

Alaska 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, health and human services information and referral system brought to you by United Ways of Alaska.  Dial 2-1-1 from any phone; operators are available during weekday business hours.  United Way’s 2-1-1 operators can help you access information about where to get financial assistance for utility bills, food banks, emergency shelter and a host of other services.  You may also search their online data base 24/7.

Heating Assistance Program.  This federally-funded state-run program provides assistance to low income households to offset the high cost of home heating.  The deadline for applications is April 30.  See the State of Alaska's Heating Assistance Program website for more information and to see if you qualify.


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