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02-27-2017 16:26:06:Hello from Eaglecrest,

Eaglecrest will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday and will reopen Thursday, Mar. 2nd.

Hooter, Ptarmigan and Porcupine will spin from 9-4pm.

Spring Pass Sale is going on now, click below to learn more and purchase online. Passes are valid starting 3/2/17

See you on Thursday!

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Tykes FAQ

Wee Ski FAQs

Before the lesson your Wee Skier should…

  • Have had breakfast or lunch - a hungry skier is never a happy skier
  • Use the BATHROOM!!
  • Be dressed in warm & waterproof layers!
  • Be suited, booted & ready to meet his or her instructor 10 minutes prior to lesson start time
    • Renting Equipment??: If your Wee Skier is going to be renting equipment be sure to arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to the start of the lesson to allow enough time to get equipped and through the rental process.

Things your child’s instructor should be aware of:

  • Any allergies or health concerns
  • Any speech or learning delays
  • Confirm a pick up spot with the instructor and child for when the lesson is done

What to expect for the young ones and the first-timers…

Wee Skiers may hang out in our beginner area Tiger Hollow for the first few weeks - this is ok. Many times children this young either don’t have the attention span or the muscle development/strength to make the wedge/pizza shape to help them stop. If your child doesn’t make it to the Platter Pull on the first lesson it is ok. Our instructors foster a child’s positive outlook towards snow sports and skiing. Keeping them engaged while outside on snow in their skis and boots is the first step to associating good feelings towards winter sports. As kids grow older and gain the muscle strength and the desire to - they will begin to stop, turn and control their speed. It doesn’t usually happen their first day on snow, but as they have fun and are kept safe on snow their skills will develop.

What to expect for your Wee Skier during a typical lesson:

  • Meet instructors at 10am (for morning sessions) or 1pm (for afternoon sessions).
  • Children are put in groups according to age and ability level.
  • Children may move groups/instructors the first day or they may stay with the same group/instructor for several weeks. Your Wee Skier will be progressed into higher level groups as their skills develop.
  • It is Eaglecrest Snowsports School’s goal to ensure the safety of your child as well as keeping a smile on their face.
  • There are breaks with hot cocoa & marshmallows - usually around 11am or 2pm.

If you don’t want your child to participate in hot cocoa breaks please inform the snow sports school window or the instructor. Sometimes the instructors hand out a small piece of candy to all the kids - Let us know if your child has any allergies or food restrictions.

How should your Wee Skier be dressed?? 

In Layers!  It is better to be too warm than too cold, and of course it is easier to remove layers than to add them while out on the mountain.


  • Base/Bottom Layer - A tight synthetic or wool base layer (long underwear and base layer shirt).  Avoid cotton; it absorbs moisture and keeps it next to the skin. 
  • Middle Insulating Layer - This is the bulk of your child’s warmth, and may need to be multiple pieces of clothing. Fleeces or wool sweaters insulate very well.
  • Top Waterproof Layer - Snow may be frozen, but 98.6 degrees will turn snow into water very quickly.  Be sure to protect your Wee Skier’s skin from moisture with a waterproof jacket or shell and pants (designated ski pants work best. Rain pants will do, but be sure to wear warm insulating layers underneath).
  • Socks - Preferably synthetic or wool fabric to wick sweat from tootsies.  If your child’s socks are too bulky for their boots it might hinder circulation to the feet, chilling them a quite a bit.  Also, be sure to pull their socks up high and tight and do not stuff any pant legs or extra material inside the boot.  Packing extra material inside the cuff of the boot can lead to loss of circulation, as well as very cold and hurting feet.
  • Mittens vs. Gloves - Mittens are typically warmer than gloves. Cold hands aren’t fun so be sure their mittens or gloves are warm and definitely dry. 
  • Hat/Helmet - Hats keep a skier’s body warmer than any other article of clothing.  The majority of body heat is lost through the head.  Keep those little ears and heads covered.  Helmets are a great option.  They provide protection from the cold, and the occasional slips and falls.  They are lightweight, warm and most importantly – SAFE! 
    • A child’s bicycle helmet does not provide the same protection or warmth that a ski helmet will.  If you have questions about your child’s helmet talk to your child’s instructor or our knowledgeable staff in the Eaglecrest Rental/Retail Shop.

The Eaglecrest Rental Shop does rent helmets.

  • Face Protection - A face mask will keep faces warm and protected from frostbite and windburn.
  • Goggles - Goggles protect eyes from falling snow, from wind, and in some cases from the sun.  Find a pair of goggles that fit comfortably and offer your Wee Skier ample visibility.  Goggles may not be necessary for the very first class, but it's always preferable to have some around.

Gear Information:

  • Owned Gear – your child’s skis and boots should fit them properly.  Just like adults, your Wee Skier needs the proper size boots and skis to maximize their learn-to-ski experience.  An ill-fitting boot can cause a skier pain or hinder their ability to ski.
  • Rental Gear – The Eaglecrest Rental Shop offer Wee Ski rental daily packages and 5-visit packages.  If you have any questions about your child’s gear feel free to ask any instructor or the rental/retail shop workers.  Instructors and Ski Technicians are more than happy to assist you and your Wee Skier in finding the perfect fit!

Can parents watch the Wee Ski lessons?

  • Your Wee Skier will be with a professionally trained ski instructor for 2 hours/each lesson.  During this time it is important for those instructors to gain your child’s attention and build trust.  Let your child fly solo on their first day of lessons.  If you would like to watch your child ski during their lesson try to do so from a vantage point where they will not spot you.  Loving parents/family members can create distractions and prevent the child from wanting to ski with his/her instructor. 
  • Try to wait till the last 10 or 15 minutes of the lesson to watch your child ski or to take pictures.  This allows the core of lesson time to be spent with the instructor and the other children in lessons without distractions.  Your Wee Skier will also be able to show off the skills he/she has worked hard to learn for yourself and the camera!

What should parents do during Wee Ski Lessons?

  • Not a skier?
    • The Eaglecrest Lodge is equipped with wireless internet!  Bring your laptop, grab a latte from the Mountain Lift Coffee Stand and surf the web while your kids slide around on the snow!  


This FAQ sheet covers the basics.  If you should have any additional questions or concerns please contact the Eaglecrest Snowsports School at (907) 790-2000 ext. 211 and let us assist you and your child to Discover Your Mountain!

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For Information and Reservations, call the Snowsports School at (907) 790-2000 x211.

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