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kids in porcupine chair

Kids at the Porcupine Dedication in September 2010

Porcupine Chairlift

The Porcupine Chairlift replaced the Platter Lift and is opened in December 2010. The new lift is a double chair and will have 6 towers and 39 chairs. It will provide easier access to Muskeg and Dolly Varden. The lift was constructed by Eaglecrest staff and is expected to be completed by the first part of July at an estimated cost of the project is $350,000. The Rasmuson Foundation contributed $200,000 and another $50,000 was raised during the Black Bear Chairlift Campaign. An additional $142,,000 was raised by the Eaglecrest Foundation Porcupine Chairlift Campaign.

Visit www.EaglecrestFoundation.org for more information on the Foundation.


The Porcupine Chair was completed on July 1 with the exception of the electrical installation and the top and bottom lift shacks. As of August 9 crews are working on the electrical installation and finishing up construction of the top and bottom lift shacks. The final load test will occur just after Labor Day.

Porcupine Lift bottom shack     Looking down Porcupine Lift line


Looking at top of Porcupine Lift      Top of Porcupine Lift

On June 22 the crew hung the chairs on the Porcupine Lift. Construction has begun on the bottom lift shack. On June 25 a cap was installed at the top terminal.


Base of the porcupine chair      Porcupine Lift line

The top of the porcupine lift    Top bullwheel of the porcupine lift

Installing cap at top of Porcupine Lift    adjusting at top of porcupine lift



On June 18 the crew spliced the cable for the Porcupine Chair. The Lower terminal is installed. The cable will be inspected on June 19. The crew plans to hang chairs next week..

Crews working on splicing the porcupine cable  working on the splice for the porcupine chair

bottom terminal for Porcupine Chair     Porcupine Chair Lift Line


On June 10 crews completed standing the towers for the Porcupine Lift. The Lower terminal will be installed on Monday, June 14. The cable is scheduled for splicing on Friday, June 18.

getting ready to stand tower         standing the tower      

Setting the tower      Standing towers

porcupine bullwheel     Porcupine Lift line

   Bull wheel at the top of Porcupine Lift                              Looking up the Porcupine Lift line



Bottom terminal location for Porcupine Chair     Building tower foundations

     Location of bottom terminal - April 27, 2010         Building tower foundations - April 27, 2010

Working on the Porcupine road     Getting ready to pour concrete on bottom terminal

Working on the Porcupine Road                            Getting ready to pour concrete May 3

Concrete pour     finishing up concrete pour

The concrete pour - May 3                                      Finishing up the pour - May 3

working on the bottom terminal      crews head up to the top terminal

Working on the bottom terminal - May 10                      Heading up to the top - May 10

Moving towers for porcupine chair   Location of bottom terminal 053010

Moving towers                                                          Location of bottom terminal - May 30

top of porcupine lift   First tower in place

Top Terminal and tower - June 8                             First tower in place - June 8

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