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Juneau, Alaska
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Updated:02-13-2016 08:40:36BaseTop
New Snow (24hrs)00
New Snow (48hrs)00
Total Snow591

Total Snow to Date: 200"

02-13-2016 08:40:36:
No new snow. Temperature at the top of the mountain is 34 degrees with winds around 20 knots, calmer winds and slighter warmer temps at the base. Visibility should be good everywhere. The summit could get some cloud cover. Light and occasional wintry mix expected here and there throughout the day. Grab the right jacket and get up here!

It's good on and off groomed trails. Temps haven’t gotten cold enough for the snow to firm up. Conditions all over are nice and soft spring-like, corn skiing. The lower mountain base is patchy below Hooter and around the Ptarmigan base. Once you get above there, the snowpack is much, much better, so don’t judge it by the parking lot view!

All chairlifts are running. Ptarmigan and Black Bear close at 3:30pm, the bowls closing at least 30 minutes before last chair.Hooter and Porcupine close at 4:00pm. All mountain services are open. Mountain Lift is be serving hot drinks, soup, and sandwiches out of the Eagle’s Nest. Roll Back Weekend is set for March 5th & 6th. The Eaglecrest Retail shop is selling T-Shirts for just $13.

The thought for the day comes from Rudy Garmisch and the ski flick Hot Dog, and reflects on our lower mountain snow cover – “You people. You may ski on zat side of ze hill or on zat side of ze hill, but stay out of ze meedle.”

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Snow Report and Weather

20 kts · 34°F · 24HR Snowfall 0"


Master Plan Process

The Eaglecrest Master Plan process began in September 2011 and was completed in April 2012. Key elements of the planning process included:

Market Research – Identify multi-season uses and activities that could make financial sense for Eaglecrest, based on market analysis and considering uses that have been successful at other ski areas and mountain resorts.

Site Suitability Analysis – Analyze the Eaglecrest site for its potential for different types of multi-season uses and activities.

Public Involvement – Invite the community to express their views about future uses and activities at Eaglecrest – through a random telephone survey of Juneau households, open-access web survey, public meetings and other comment opportunities.

Master Plan Development – Develop a plan for Eaglecrest Board and CBJ approval that will:

  • Update Eaglecrest's mission, goals and objectives through 2030.
  • Identify multi-season uses and activites that are potentially feasible for the site, make economic sense for Eaglecest and are compatible with the community's values for the area.
  • Outline a phased implementation approach, to move Eaglecrest forward with development and promotion of the recreation and commercial uses identified through the planning process.
  • Include criteria to guide the Eaglecrest Board's consideration of the compatibility of any future proposals to use or further develop the area.


Project Background

Master Plan




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