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New Snow (24hrs).202
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Total Snow to Date: 44"

12-21-2014 13:45:08:Good Afternoon! Porcupine Chair will be open now until 3pm today & be open every day from now until January 5th, with the exception of Christmas Day; we will be closed.
We hope to see you all tomorrow!
The Nordic Trails, Hooter, Black Bear, & Ptarmigan Chairs will be closed until we receive a significant amount of snow.
If you are hiking on the mountain please use extreme caution. You may encounter snow machines or other heavy equipment & always hike with a buddy!

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Snow Report and Weather

09 kts · NA °F · 24HR Snowfall 2"


Black Bear Chair towers in winter

Towers at the top of the Black Bear Chair March 2009

Photo by John Erban

Black Bear Chair (Mid-Mountain Chair)

The residents of Juneau approved an $800,000 ballot measure to construct a mid-mountain chairlift. In order to obtain the funding, Eaglecrest was required to raise an additional $100,000. A capital campaign was developed and over $225,000 was raised. A very generous grant of $200,000 from the Rasmuson Foundation provided additional funds for this project. During the summer of 2008 the top and bottom terminals were installed along with all but four lift towers.


Crews are constructing loading area and lift shack at the bottom terminal

Bottom of Black Bear Chair

During July and August crews installed the chairs on the Black Bear Lift

Chairs on the Black Bear lift top of Black Bear Chair

On June 25 crew spliced the cable on the Black Bear Chair.

Splicing the cable for the Black Bear Chair Splice Line
Working on the splice The Splice Line

On June 19 the Haul Rope Installation was completed. Crews will splice the cable starting on June 24.

Top towers of the Black Bear Chair with Haul Rope Black Bear chair with Haul Rope
Towers at the top of the Black Bear Chair Looking up the Black Bear Chair lift line

On June 9 crews began installing the Haul Rope, a critcal part of the chairlift construction. The haul rope is the cable that carries the chairs and installation is expected to take a week. Crews will be unspooling the haul rope at the bottom of the Black Bear Chair. The lift line crosses over the road in several locations. Anyone on the road might be impacted by either the raising or falling of the cable. For safety reasons the mountain was off limits to everyone duriing the installation.

Working on the Haul Rope for the Black Bear chair Sandline on Tower
Haul Rope at the base of Chair Sandline on llift tower
Crews prepare to winch Haul Rope at tower 13 Winching haul rope at tower 13
Preparing to Winch Haul Rope Winching Haul Rope

During the later part of May and beginning of June, c rews completed the top and bottom terminals and installed the last four towers.

Flying a tower for the Black Bear Lift Installing one of the final towers

June 1, 2009 Flying the final towers for the Black Bear Lift

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