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A Directory of Juneau Community Organizations

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About this Directory

The Resource is a community directory of non-profit and government organizations serving the Juneau area.  It is maintained and published by the City and Borough of Juneau Public Libraries. This online version of The Resource is updated continuously. The printable PDF version is updated quarterly or when there are a substantial number of changes to the database.

Who is Included

Non-profit clubs, groups, organizations and government agencies serving the Juneau area and providing services for free or at a low cost are invited to submit an entry in The Resource.  Certain profit-making organizations may be included if they provide services for free to the public or offer sliding-fee rates, scholarships, etc. for low-income persons.

How to Get a Listing

Groups requesting a listing in The Resource  should fill out the online form available at this website.  We will add your listing as soon as possible after receiving and reviewing your application.

You may also fill out  an application form and mail or fax it to:

The Resource
Juneau Public Library
292 Marine Way
Juneau, AK 99801
FAX: (907) 586-5383

The application form may be downloaded from this site as an HTML file,  which you may print from your browser window.

Updating Information

Please help us to keep the information about your organization current. The online application form or the printed form may may be used to update listings. Entries are dated with the last date when we were able to contact the organization listed.

Please contact us whenever there is a change in the listing for your organization. Entries that have not been updated in more than three years will be removed from the database on an annual basis beginning July 1, 2001.

How to Get a Printed Copy   

The Juneau Public Libraries no longer sell or distribute pre-printed copies of The Resource.  Past sales of the directory did not recover printing costs. If you require a printed copy, please download and print the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.

Updated 06/01/01