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Notice is hereby given that the following items are scheduled for a public hearing by the City and Borough of Juneau Alaska Assembly, on the date designated below.  This hearing will be held in the Assembly Chambers of the Municipal Building.  Copies of the items listed below may be obtained at the City and Borough of Juneau Clerk’s Office, Room 202 of the Municipal Building or at the CBJ website at:


Monday, February 2, 2015, 7 p.m., Regular Assembly Meeting, Assembly Chambers


Ordinance 2014-24(AA)

An Ordinance Appropriating to the Manager the Sum of $130,000 to the School District Facilities Renovation and Repair Capital Improvement Project; Funding Provided by an Insurance Settlement from Zurich American Insurance Co.


Ordinance 2014-51b

An Ordinance Amending the Second-hand Smoke Control Code to Regulate the Use of Marijuana. 


Ordinance 2015-01

An Ordinance Amending the Excise Tax on Tobacco Products Code. 

Ordinance 2015-02

An Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map of the City and Borough to Change the Remote Subdivisions Area Map for Hidden Valley Tract B, Located in the Upper Lemon Creek Valley, from “Not Remote” to Remote.


Ordinance 2015-05

An Ordinance Authorizing the Port Director to Negotiate and Execute a Lease of Alaska Tidelands Survey No. 1277, Located at Approximately 3155 Channel Drive, Juneau, Alaska.


Ordinance 2015-06

An Ordinance Approving a Lease Amendment to the 1995 Lease Between the City and Borough and Goldbelt Aerial Tramway, LLC, (“Goldbelt”) of approximately 10,000 square feet within Lots 1 and 2A, Dockside Subdivision and Lots 13B, 16, And 17, Block 83, Tidelands.





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