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Notice is hereby given that the following items are scheduled for a public hearing by the City and Borough of Juneau Alaska Assembly, on the date designated below.  This hearing will be held in the Assembly Chambers of the Municipal Building.  Copies of the items listed below may be obtained at the City and Borough of Juneau Clerk’s Office, Room 202 of the Municipal Building or at the CBJ website at:


Monday October 17, 2016, 7 p.m., Regular Assembly Meeting, Assembly Chambers


Ordinance 2016-35

An Ordinance Authorizing the Manager to Convey Lot 3 of the Renninger Subdivision to the Juneau Housing Trust.


Ordinance 2016-36

An Ordinance Amending the Animal Control and Protection Code Relating to Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Domestic Animals.


Ordinance 2016-37(b)

An Ordinance Amending the Uniform Sales Tax Code Relating to the Appeal Process for the Senior Citizen Sales Tax Exemption Hardship Rebate.


Ordinance 2016-09(L)

An Ordinance Transferring $155,892 of Unexpended FY16 Marine Passenger Fees from the General Fund to the Open Space Waterfront Land Acquisition Capital Improvement Project.


Ordinance 2016-09(M)

An Ordinance Appropriating to the Manager the Sum of $18,139 as Funding for the Local Emergency Planning Committee; Grant Funding Provided by the State of Alaska, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.



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