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Notice is hereby given that the following items are scheduled for a public hearing by the City and Borough of Juneau Alaska Assembly, on the date designated below.  This hearing will be held in the Assembly Chambers of the Municipal Building.  Copies of the items listed below may be obtained at the City and Borough of Juneau Clerk’s Office, Room 202 of the Municipal Building or at the CBJ website at:


Monday, April 28, 2014, 7 p.m., Regular Assembly Meeting, Assembly Chambers


Ordinance 2014-16

An Ordinance Amending the Land Use Code Relating to Lands Available for Leasing.


Ordinance 2014-23

An Ordinance Approving the Creation of Local Improvement District No. 60 to Improve the Roadways Within Tanner Terrace Subdivision.


Ordinance 2014-24

An Ordinance Appropriating Funds From The Treasury For FY15 City and Borough Operations.


Ordinance 2014-25

An Ordinance Appropriating Funds From The Treasury For FY15 School District Operations.


Ordinance 2014-26

An Ordinance Establishing the Rate of Levy for Property Taxes.


Ordinance 2013-11(AP)

An Ordinance Appropriating to the Manager the Sum of $50,000 as Funding for the State of Alaska’s Brotherhood Bridge Project; Funding Provided by Alaska Department of Transporation.



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