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CBJ Chapter 36.30  Second Hand Smoke Control Code

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CBJ Chapter 03.30.053   Health and Sanitation Fine Schedule


Question and Answers:

Smoking in Enclosed Public Spaces in Juneau


1.  Where is smoking prohibited?

In enclosed public places; enclosed places of employment (with 4 or more employees) that are not an enclosed public space; city vehicles; taxis; bus shelters. 

2.  Where is smoking not regulated?

Private residences (unless the residence is used as a child care, adult care, or health care facility); places of employment with a total of four or fewer employees that are not also an enclosed public place; private enclosed areas in nursing homes or assisted living facilities; performers smoking as part of a stage performance; federal or state property or those portions of building leased by the federal or state government; and outdoor patios, decks, and other outdoor areas used for seating by a bar,
restaurant, or other establishment, provided certain conditions exist.

3.  Will separate rooms designated as smoking rooms, complete with separate ventilation and tight-fitting doors, be allowed in a bar or restaurant?

No.  If an enclosed area is open to the public, it is subject to the ordinance.  Unless it falls under one of the exemptions listed in the ordinance, no smoking may occur in the enclosed area.

4.  What are the penalties for violating the smoking laws?

Non-compliance by business owners (failure to maintain smoke-free premises) will result in enforcement action including citations of $200 to $300.  Individual violators (smoking where prohibited) face a $50 citation.   


CBJ Ordinances  Regarding Smoking in Public Places

Adopted Sept. 20, 2010. Ordinance 2010-23(b) - An Ordinance Amending the Second-Hand Smoke Control Code Regarding Smoking in Commercial Passenger Vehicles,
and Providing for a Penalty.
Adopted March 10, 2008. Ordinance 2008-05(b) - An Ordinance Renaming, Amending, And Extending The Smoking In Public Places Code.
Materials from the March 10, 2008 Assembly meeting

A. Ordinance 2008-05(b)
An Ordinance Renaming, Amending, And Extending The Smoking In Public Places Code (includes tracked changes).

City Attorney Memo February 2008

CIty Attorney Memo March 2008

In effect August 30, 2007 Ordinance 2007-44 - An Ordinance Prohibiting Smoking in Bus Shelters.
In effect May 23, 2007. Ordinance 2007-20 - An Ordinance Extending the Smoking Ban to Include the Campus of Bartlett Regional Hospital, the Bartlett House, the Juneau Medical Center, and Wildflower Court, and to Prohibit the Use of Smokeless Tobacco Products on the Hospital Tobacco-free Campus.
Section 2 i n effect January 2, 2005.  Section 3 in effect January 2, 2008. Ordinance 2004-21- An Ordinance Extending the Smoking Ban to Bars and Bar Restaurants
Adopted October 1, 2001. Ordinance 2001-40 - An Ordinance Amending the Health and Sanitation Code to Control Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Enclosed Public Places and in the Workplace, and Providing for a Penalty.


Court Cases Related to Smoking in Juneau

Filed October 14, 2009

Superior Court - First Judicial District

State of Alaska Supreme Court Case #S-13748

Fraternal Order of Eagles, Juneau Douglas Aerie 4200, Mark Page, Brian Turner, R.D. Truax, and Larry Paul v. City and Borough of Juneau

Decision on Motions for Summary Judgment

Supreme Court Opinion No. 6574 - July 1, 2011





Additional Resources

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence offers assistance regarding establishing smokefree environments, including provision of signage, technical assistance and presentations.

Contact NCADD at:

211 4th Street, Suite 102
Juneau, Alaska   99801

Phone:  907-463-3755

Fax:  907-463-2539

Office of the City Clerk, 155 South Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801