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Fisheries Development Committee (FDC) Work on Public Cold Storage

The former iteration of the Fisheries Development Committee did an extensive project to explore the feasibitlity and options of a publicly owned refridgerated warehouse facility in CBJ. A result of this work was the March 3, 1998 Feasibility Analysis report by Norther Economics in association with MBA Consulting Engineers.

Click here for that March 1998 Feasibilty Analysis Report (89 pages - 70,768KB)


Current FDC Work on Public Cold Storage

(Copies of referenced materials not linked are available from FDC members or the CBJ Clerk's Office)


On March 23, 2010 the FDC appeared before the Docks & Harbor’s Finance Committee to present a proposal seeking $25,000 in funding for feasibility study on a public cold storage facility. The Docks & Harbor’s Finance Committee agreed to move the question to the Docks & Harbor’s Board.

Presentation materials:
• March 25, 2010 FDC Cold Storage Proposal to Docks & Harbors Board
• Cold Storage Fact Sheet
• Public Cold Storage Discussion Paper

On March 25, 2010, the FDC appeared before the Docks & Harbor’s board to propose Docks & Harbor’s funding a feasibility study on a public cold storage facility. Specifically, the FDC sought the ability to return to the board with a proposed scope of work and more refined budget.

On April 5, 2010, the FDC approved moving forward with a proposed scope and timeline to the Docks & Harbor’s board to be developed by a subcommittee of the FDC.
Presentation material:
• April 5, 2010 Memo re: Docks & Harbors meeting


On April 29, 2010, the FDC presented its proposed scope and budget for a public cold storage feasibility study. The Docks & Harbor’s board did not vote on the proposal with accompanied comments
Presentation Material:
• April 29, 2010 FDC Cold Storage Proposal to Docks & Harbors Board

• Exhibits (which included the 2010 FDC Annual Report)

• Questions Regarding Cold Storage Facility From Docks & Harbors Board

On May 4, 2010, the FDC met to discuss the outcome from the Dock’s & Harbor’s meeting. The FDC recommended an intensive inquiry of support from the Juneau seafood processing community

FDC met June 2, 2010 to determine industry support for pursuing feasibility funds for a public cold storage. The FDC determined there was significant support from a bulk of the processing community to continue seeking funds.
Presentation material:
• Letters of support

March 5, 2012 Fisheries Development Committee Annual Report to the Assembly Human Resources Committee along with a copy of the Study:

Juneau Cold Storage: Demand and Financial Analysis by Norther Economics


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