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Aquatic Facilities Advisory Board-INACTIVE Fact Sheet

Title: Aquatic Facilities Advisory Board-INACTIVE

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: Advisory

Affiliated Department: Parks and Recreation

Status: Inactive

Governing Legislation:
-Resolution 2726 Repealing Res. 2644 and Dissolving the AFAB
-Resolution 2644 (Repealing Res. 2532(b))
-Resolution 2532(b)
-Date Created: June 28, 2010
-Sunset Date: August 01, 2015

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: The [board] shall, in consultation with the aquatics manager, advise the Assembly on issues relating to the CBJ aquatic facilities.

Membership: 7 members total: One member associate with the Juneau School District; one member associated with the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee; & five members of the general public. No more than two general public members shall be employees or board members of any organization which provides activities at a CBJ aquatics facility.

Officers: Chair & Deputy Chair

Quorum: 4

Term Limits: None.

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): June

Meetings: See Special Facts.

Special Facts: The board was set up with a three year sunset date expiring June 28, 2013. Resolution 2644 extended the sunset date to July 1, 2016. The Assembly adopted Ordinance 2015-23 on April 27, 2015 creating the Aquatics Facilities Board and on May 18, 2015 passed Resolution 2726 Dissolving the Aquatics Facilities Advisory Board and Repealed Resolution 2644 - to be effective August 1, 2015.

Staff Contact: Myiia Wahto - 586-0471 -


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