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West Douglas Development Working Group - INACTIVE Fact Sheet

Title: West Douglas Development Working Group - INACTIVE

Type of Board/Commission/Committee: AdHoc

Affiliated Department: City Clerk

Status: Inactive

Governing Legislation:
-Mayoral Charge
-Resolution 2330(b) A Resolution In Support of the North Douglas Crossing and West Douglas Development.
-2005-2006 WDWG Report to the Assembly
-Date Created: May 24, 2004
-Sunset Date: May 24, 2008

To reference the general rules of procedure and informational booklet for all boards, please see the documents available on the General Board Information page.

Description: Vision. Juneau has grown largely down our coastline, and is close to the maximum use of land available for industrial or residential growth. West Douglas is the most logical area for future development. Access to West Douglas, via a second crossing, will give our community additional options for many current issues, as well as opportunities for future development. Access to West Douglas would: Enhance the logistics of a deep water port Enhance development opportunities for both industrial and residential purposes Support the intertie to enable AEL&Pís participation in a power grid Provide prime location for ancillary utilities, e.g., wastewater, airport, heliport Enhance development of the golf course and other tourist facilities. The purpose of the Working Group is: 1. Promote development of a second Channel crossing. 2. Promote access to, and development of, West Douglas, and encourage businesses to locate there.

Membership: West Douglas Development Working Group Created. There is created within the City and Borough of Juneau a West Douglas Development Working Group, to be composed initially of at least seven members, appointed by the Mayor to serve for two years, unless extended by the Mayor.

Officers: Chair Linda Thomas, Vice-Chair Rick Shattuck

Quorum: 4

Term Limits: N/A

Annual Appointment Period (Annual Reports Due): N/A


Special Facts: The working group was originally formed for two years in 2004. It was then extended by the Assembly by motion for an additional 2 years at the May 24, 2006 Assembly meeting. The group presented a status report to the Assembly at the Sept. 8, 2008 Assembly meeting and were finally disbanded in March 2013 by Mayor Sanford.

Staff Contact: City Clerk's Office - 586-5278 -


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