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Affordable Housing Commission Agenda
Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 5:15 PM
JEDC Conference Room

612 W. Willoughby Ave Suite A


I.   Call to Order/Roll Call/Introduction of Guests
II.   Approval of Agenda

III.  Approval of Minutes of January 10, 2012 Meeting

IV.  Public Participation on non-agenda items

V.   Old/New Business:
            a.   2011 Annual Report, HRC Reappointments of Tamara Rowcroft and
Rosemary Hagevig
                      i.   Recruitment to fill vacant AHC position
            b.   Status of Revisions to Juneau Affordable Housing Fund Application process
and Program Guidelines
                      i.  Juneau Rentals (Round 1 applicant) concerns
            c.  Update on Affordable Housing Coordinator recruitment
            d.  Update on Alaska House Bill 264 (Deferral of Property Taxes)
            e.  January 12 Report on Housing Presentation to Juneau Gastineau Rotary by
Alan Wilson and Brian Holst
            f.   Draft Agenda for March 3 AHC Retreat
                    i.   Update/Prioritize AHC Action Item List
                    ii.  Review of CBJ Switzer / Peterson Hill Site Development Plans for AHC
                    iii.  Improvements to JAHF program design/delivery
            g.   Juneau Home Show is March 9-11, AHC staffing of table needed for all hours
            h.   Other

VI. Agenda for next meeting

VII. Date for next meeting – February 14, 2012

VIII. Adjourn

 Draft Minutes of January 10, 2012 AHC Meeting
 2011 Annual Report
 January 17, 2012 Letter in support of HR 264, Bill Status
 Juneau Home Show Map (AHC has booth TT3, outside ballroom)
 January 2012 Rotary presentation & notes


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