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Affordable Housing Commission Agenda
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
JEDC Conference Room

612 W. Willoughby Ave Suite A
5:15 pm

Goal:  To assure safe, sanitary, and affordable housing for all CBJ households. Primary focus is on housing purchase cost of less than $250,000 and rentals for ….

I. Roll Call

II. Public Testimony on Non Agenda Items

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes – October 12, 2010

IV. Action Items
     A. Vote on Chair and Co-Chair of the Commission

     B. Letter to the Assembly outlining how the Housing Needs Assessment can be  used by CBJ staff - (bullet points to be provided at the meeting)

     C. Draft letter to Assembly with comments about National Housing Trust Fund Regulations

V. Informational Items
    A. Juneau Affordable Housing Fund application packet and processing checklist-(draft information available at the meeting).

     B. VASH vouchers for Juneau update. (AHFC and VA are meeting this week to determine statewide priorities) - (verbal update, no packet information).

     C. Community Development Block Grant - 2010 Recommendations

     D. Juneau Homeless Coalition update: Medical Respite, Ten-Year Plan Committee, Project Homeless Connect, Advocacy Calendar - (verbal report, no packet information)

     E. Wednesday, December 1 Noon - 2pm, Bill Hopson, Downtown Emergency Shelter, Seattle, WA to discuss Housing First Model; "wet" housing - (verbal report, no packet information)

     F. Donation of Real Property to CBJ - (verbal report, no packet information)

VI. Commission Comments

VII. Adjournment

Information Links:

Ongoing topic/presentation list:
New Task/Goals list for New 2010 Commission
Community Wide Plan to address Housing
Situwan Subdivision further development
Inclusionary Housing- recommended % of housing participation
Live aboards in Local Harbors
Permitting on Multiple/Condos- How to get Temp Occupancy on one
Subdivisions standards
Public Education


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