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Juneau Affordable Housing Commission

Welcome to the City and Borough of Juneau Affordable Housing Commission webpages. Contained within these pages you will find an overview of the Commission resources and its meeting agendas, packets, and minutes.



History & Mission

On December 2, 2006, the Assembly held an Affordable Housing Summit in a joint meeting of the CBJ Assembly, Planning Commission, and the Affordable Housing Coalition. As an outcome of that Housing Summit, the Assembly adopted Resolution 2390 creating the Juneau Affordable Housing Commission. The Commission was established for a three-year period beginning January 2007 to make recommendations to the CBJ Assembly, through the Lands Committee, on all aspects of affordable housing.  The Commission became a continuing CBJ Commission on November 23, 2009 with Resolution 2506 which repealed Resolution 2390.



The following is a list of the commissioners and liaisons to the commission:

Tamara Rowcroft, Chair; Mandy O'Neal Cole, Co-Chair; Norton Gregory, Wayne Coogan, Russ McDougal, Margaret O'Neal, Erin Walker-Tolles and Honey Bee Anderson; Liaisons to the Commission are Assemblymember Kate Troll, Senior Planner Beth McKibben, Lands & Resources Manager Greg Chaney and Lands & Resources Specialist Rachel Friedlander.

We hope this information is useful and welcome any suggestions regarding the website, issues that are being addressed by the commission or items on which the commission should focus their attention. Comments for the commission should be directed to the Lands & Resources Division at, via phone at 586-5252 or fax at 586-5392 and by mailing comments to 155 S. Seward Street, Juneau, AK 99801.



The Commission held its first meeting on February 8, 2007 and their meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month at 5:15 p.m. in City Hall, Conference Room #224.  The public is welcome to attend these meetings. For further information, please call the City Clerk at 586-5278 or the City Manager's Office at 586-5240.



CBJ Homeowner Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program

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