Monday, March 24, 2003 - 6:00 p.m.
Municipal Building - Assembly Chambers

I. Call to Order
II. Agenda Changes

III. Public Participation

IV. Approval of Minutes
    A. February 18, 2003 Special HRC Meeting re: USA PATRIOT Act
    B. March 10, 2003 Regular HRC Meeting

V. Action Items
   A. Appointment to Boards and Commissions
       1. Douglas Service Area Advisory Board
       2. Juneau Energy Advisory Committee
       3. Juneau Human Rights Commission

    B. Liquor License Renewals

Beverage Dispensary
Arctic Bar License #76 - 148 S. Franklin Street
BCM Inc. d/b/a Marlintini's Lounge - 9121 Glacier Hwy - 2nd Floor
Lucky Lady License #674 - 192 S. Franklin Street

Beverage Dispensary Tourism
Prospector Hotel LLC - 375 Whittier Street

Package Store
Breeze-In Liquor License #176 - 8 Mile Old Glacier Hwy.
Douglas Island Breeze-In License #662 - 3370 Douglas Hwy.

Restaurant/Eating Place
Jovany's Italian Restaurant License #1384 - 9121 Glacier Hwy.
Canton House License #2185 - 8585 Old Dairy Road

Wholesale-Malt Beverage & Wine
K&L Distributors - 8420 Airport Blvd.
K&L Beverage Co LLC - 8420 Airport Blvd.

VI. Informational Items
      A. Annual Reports of Advisory Boards, Committee Commissions
         1. Americans with Disabilities Act Committee
         2. Historic Resources Advisory Committee
      B. Subcommittee on USA PATRIOT Act Resolution
      C. Juneau Energy Advisory Committee proposed Resolution in Support of Southeast Alaska Intertie  Project

VII. Adjournment