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Duties of the Public Works and Facilities Committee (PWFC)

Resolution No. 2279(b)  - Introduced: 11/20/2006

 A Resolution Reestablishing the Assembly Rules of Procedure, and Repealing Resolution No. 2335

"6.  Public Works and Facilities Committee. The PWFC may take up issues relevant to the infrastructure of CBJ, including transportation and utilities. The duties of the PWFC shall Include:

(a)  making recommendations to the Assembly regarding the capital    improvement program required by Charter 9.2 and other capital improvement plans and lists;

(b)  advising each newly elected Assembly of unfinished capital projects to be continued;

(c)  making recommendations to the Assembly regarding the preparation and revision of an areawide transportation plan.

(d)  making recommendations related to energy efficiency, renewable resources, waste reduction and recycling, global warming and green building."

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