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Centennial Hall Convention Center

Security and Insurance:

The Centennial Hall Manager will determine the type of security your event requires. The user pays all security fees. If your event involves valuable equipment, we urge you to assign personnel to be with the equipment at all times. Staff is on duty while the building is open, however, the user is responsible for personal equipment.

Certain events require liability and property damage insurance to protect the sponsor, patrons, and the City and Borough of Juneau. In such cases, which will be determined by the Centennial Hall Manager, a certificate of insurance showing Centennial Hall as additional insured must be delivered to Centennial Hall no later than seven days prior to the event.

Fire and safety code requirements are a primary concern with respect to room sets and decorations. The Centennial Hall Manager will advise event organizers of appropriate materials for decoration and procedures for room sets. Electrical requirements must be specified and approved by the Centennial Hall Manager prior to the event.