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230 South Franklin Street
4th Floor - Marine View Center

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155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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Juneau Permit Center

230 South Franklin Street - Marine View Building, 4th Floor


A Cooperative Venture

The Juneau Permit Center is a cooperative land development permit processing center staffed by several departments and divisions of the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska. The Permit Center processes all of the locally required permits (click for list) needed to develop property including everything from permits to keep farm animals, build a cabin, start a bed and breakfast, connect to city water and sewer systems, remodel your kitchen or build an aerial tramway. We would be pleased to assist you in obtaining all of these permits including Zoning, Street Use, Utility, Fire and Building Permits.

We have combined resources from the following city departments to assist you: Land Use and Buildings from the Community Development Department; Utility, Excavation and Street Use from General Engineering; and Fire Review and Inspection from Capital City Fire and Rescue.



Online Building Permit APPLICATION Form

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Spring 2018 Permit Center Newsletter



About Land Use Codes

Land Use Codes are created as a result of public demand for control of the development of land in a city, county or borough. These codes generally control the size of building lots, how close structures can be placed from their property lines, what activities can be conducted in different zones, and other controls on the aesthetics, traffic, noise, views and other factors which affect quality of life in the community.

Certain areas are designated, by public hearing process, for specific types of uses in a document called a Comprehensive Plan. This document guides the Planning Commission and Assembly in the adoption of the Zoning Code including the Zoning Maps which provide for differing types of development in portions of the community such as single family housing zones, multifamily housing zones, commercial zones, recreational zones and industrial zones. The Table of Permissible Uses tells what specific type of uses can be allowed in each zone.

Some uses require public notice and Planning Commission hearings to assure the neighbors and other interested parties are not adversely effected by the development. If the use may be denied due to adverse impacts, a Conditional Use Permit is required. If the use is allowed but controls are deemed necessary to mitigate impacts, an Allowable Use Permit is required. Other uses may be approved by staff or can be allowed outright without formal approval. For example, a commercial garbage incinerator is not allowed in a residential zone, may be allowed by Conditional Use Permit in a commercial zone and would be allowed with controls in an industrial zone. A single family home can be built in any residential zone without formal approval.


About Building Codes

Building codes are designed to protect people and property by assuring safety in building construction and use. These codes also are used to assure community standards are enforced such as access by disabled indviduals and energy efficiency.

Local building codes are usually based on national standards called model building codes. Juneau, along with the rest of Alaskan communities and much of the west coast of the United States uses the Uniform Building Code and the newer International Building Code published by the International Conference of Building Officials as the basis for our local Building Code.


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Juneau Permit Center

230 South Franklin Street
4th Floor - Marine View Center

Monday through Friday (except Holidays)
8:00am to 4:30pm
Applications received 8:00am to 4:00pm

155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Telephone: (907) 586-0770
Telefax: (907) 586-4529
Inspection Hotline: (907) 586-1703

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