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155 S. Seward Street
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Community Development Department


The first page of all applications needs to be filled out and the Development Permit Application must accompany all applications. Additional pages include information about submittal requirements and the permitting process. Please read through the entire application packet. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Note: Forms are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and are fillable online, but an "official" signature is REQUIRED on the Development Permit Application. This can be affixed electronically or by hand. Then print to PDF and email completed applications to or print and mail or hand deliver to the Permit Center for processing.



DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION - (MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ALL OTHER PERMIT APPLICATIONS) You may also electronically fill in the Applicant/Project Information section in this application and submit with your applications.


The following applications must be submitted in conjuction with a Development Permit Application:


ACCESSORY APARTMENT APPLICATION - Used for departmental approval of an accessory apartment during the Building Permit Review Process. If a Conditional Use Permit is required, an Allowable/Conditional Use Permit Application must be submitted in addition to the above forms.

ACCESSORY APARTMENT GRANT INCENTIVE PROGRAM APPLICATION- An incentive porgram to fund twelve $6000 grants available to homeowners who add a new accessory apartment to their home.

ALLOWABLE/CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION - Used to gain approval of a land use listed in the Table of Permissible Uses, for driveways located in the right-of-way, and accessory apartments that do not meet the departmental approval requirements.

ALTERNATIVE DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION - Used to reduce the setbacks, lot coverage, and/or vegetative coverage for development of new residential buildings and the expansion, restoration, or repair of existing residential buildings, including accessory structures, that are within the Alternative Development Overlay Districts of Downtown Juneau and Downtown Douglas.

ALTERNATIVE RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION APPLICATION - Used for unit-lot residential communities in which all or some of the lots do not substantially conform to the minimum requirements for a tradtional subdivided lot.

CITY/STATE PROJECT REVIEW APPLICATION - Must be filled out for all City and State projects which require review by the Planning Commission. This includes City land acquisitions and disposals.

COTTAGE HOUSING APPLICATION - Used for preliminary and final plans in addition to amendments to those plans. The last page of this application has a checklist which must be filled out in addition to the first page.

EXTRACTION OR MINING REQUEST FOR TRANSFER - Used for the transfer of a Sand and Gravel Extraction Permit, a Notice of Exploration Permit, a Rural Mining District Permit, a Small Mine Permit, or a Large Mine Permit.

FEE IN LIEU OF PARKING APPLICATION - Used to pay a fee to the CBJ instead of providing the parking required in the Land Use Code - the subject property must be located in the downtown Fee-In-Lieu of Parking District

FLOOD ZONE EXCEPTION APPLICATION - Used to request an exception from the Flood Hazard Area requirements under §49.70.400.

INQUIRY APPLICATION - Used for any type of General Inquiry, a Text or Map Interpretation, a Letter of Zoning Compliance, a Use Not Listed, or a Similar Use Determination

LARGE MINE PERMIT APPLICATION - Used for any Large Mine located in the Urban Mining District

NOTICE OF MINOR LOT CONSOLIDATION - (Must be submitted with a Minor Subdvision Platting Application).

MOBILE HOME PARK APPLICATION - Used for a Mobile Home Park Preliminary and Final Approval. Also used to modify or add onto an existing approval.

NOTICE OF APPEAL OF DIRECTOR’S DETERMINATION - (DOES NOT REQUIRE A DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATION) Used to appeal a specific determination made by the Director of the Community Development Department to the Planning Commission.

NOTICE OF MINING EXPLORATION APPLICATION - Used to gain approval for mining exploration activities.

PARKING WAIVER APPLICATION - Used to reduce the number of non-accessible parking spaces required for properties located outside of Parking Districts 1 and 2, and the Fee-In-Lieu Parking District.

RURAL MINING DISTRICT PERMIT APPLICATION - Used for any Large or Small Mines located in the Rural Mining District

SAND AND GRAVEL EXTRACTION MODIFICATION PERMIT APPLICATION - Used for any modification to a previously permitted Extraction Permit.

SAND AND GRAVEL EXTRACTION PERMIT APPLICATION - Used for any Sand and Gravel or Quarry operations.

SIGN APPLICATION - Used to obtain approval of one or more commercial signs. One application may be used for multiple signs. Attach additional applications if extra space is needed.

SMALL MINE APPLICATION - Used for any Small Mine located in the Urban Mining District

STREET NAME CHANGE APPLICATION - Used to change an existing street name on a city, state, or privately owned right-of-way.

STREET VACATION APPLICATION - Used to vacate a portion or an entire length of a dedicated right-of-way and transfer land to adjacent owners. The last page is a petition, and it is required to be filled out and submitted as a part of the application.

SUBDIVISION PLATTING APPLICATION - Used for any subdivision of property that includes Preliminary Plat approval, Final Plat approval, and Planned Unit Developments.
        Preliminary Plat Checklist- Include with Preliminary Minor Subdivision Platting Application.
Final Plat Checklist-
Include with Final Minor Subdivision Platting Application.

VARIANCE APPLICATION - Used to vary any requirement or regulation of this title concerning dimensional and other design standards, but NOT those concerning the use of land or structures, housing density, lot coverage, or those establishing construction standards.

VARIANCE-ADMINISTRATIVE APPLICATION - Used to obtain an allowance for a projection not to exceed 25 percent of the yard setback requirements or two feet, whichever is less, upon Director determination.

WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FACILITY APPLICATION AND CHECKLIST - Used for new colocation and free-standing communication towers.

ZONE CHANGE APPLICATION - Used to gain approval of a change to the land use zone for a parcel or multiple parcels of land.



Public Notice Sign Lease Form - to lease a Permit Center Public Notice Sign - must also submit a Development Permit Application and an application for a permit requiring public notice.

Request for Public Records - Usethis form to request public records including photocopies, audio files, etc.


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