City and Borough of Juneau
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Juneau, Alaska 99801
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155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801

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Juneau's Historic Preservation Plan

Juneau is in the midst of updating the City’s Historic Preservation Plan. During 2016, the Historic Resources Advisory Committee reached out to the public for comments and data, in support of their efforts to understand what the community values in terms of historical and cultural preservation. More information including the status of HRAC's progress can be found by clicking the link, above.


Draft Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy

JCOS has transmitted the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy document to the CBJ Assembly for their consideration. The purpose of the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy document is to define goals for Juneau’s energy future, focusing on more efficient use of existing capacity and new energy supplies, and to develop strategies and policies for achieving these goals. This report is the first step in that process, providing the background information and framework needed to take the next steps.


Final Juneau Housing Action Plan

Committed to sustaining Juneau as a dynamic place to live, the CBJ contracted with czb LLC, a planning firm from Alexandria, Virginia. Specializing in housing analysis and neighborhood strategy, czb worked with Juneau residents to develop this Housing Action Plan. The Plan offers a framework for a new direction in Juneau housing policy, one that strives to create fluidity in Juneau's housing market, creates an inviting place for workers and new families to call home, and enables seniors to remain in the community.


Lemon Creek Area Plan

The neighborhood, with support from the Community Development Department, analyzed the Lemon Creek area to identify the community’s priorities,develop and maintain communication with residents and business owners, plan for the long term, and provide consistency with community’s goals for the future of the city and borough. The plan was adopted by the CBJ Assembly on January 8, 2018.


Homeowner Accessory Apartment Incentive Grant Program

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Applications accepted starting December 21, 2015


Mission Statement


The mission of the Community Development Department is to help Juneau become the community it wants to be. We facilitate a planning process that engages the community and is responsive to the community’s changing needs and expectations. We continue to improve our codes and permitting processes in the building of effective, efficient services. We respond to our customers seeking information on building and development permits with open, friendly service. Our conduct reflects the highest of ethical and professional standards.


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