CBJ Community Development Department

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help Juneau become the city it wants to be. We listen to Juneau's citizens and respond to their changing needs and expectations. We respond to our customers seeking information, building or development permits with open, friendly, cost efficient and effective service. We are viewed more and more as problem solvers and facilitators instead of regulators and enforcers. Our conduct reflects the highest of ethical and professional standards.


Permit Center:

Provides one-stop permitting by co-location of Planning, Building, general Engineering, and portions of fire functions. Provides common reception and intake. Screens applications, provides information to walk-ins, and issues permits. Click [here] to visit the Permit Center.



The Administration of the Community Development Department provides oversight and administration of all CDD activities.


Planning Division

Building Division

The Building Division is charged with assuring an established level of building safety and health for the public who purchase, own, build or use buildings and other structures in Juneau. The division is also charged with assuring that land in Juneau is kept to a community-established level of orderliness and beauty by providing zoning code enforcement, junk car and litter enforcement. Many of the responsibilities of the Building Division fall within the overview of the Juneau Permit Center.


IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau