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The City and Borough of Juneau and FEMA are in the process of updating flood zone maps. Flood zones are based on both scientific and community-provided data that help identify areas with potential for storm and flood events that could put lives and property in danger. By using recent topographical and engineering data, the City and Borough of Juneau has been working closely with the FEMA to gather more precise information about these areas. The better information that FEMA is able to gather, the more accurate the flood maps that will be produced.

The desired outcomes from this process are maps that will be used by community officials for future development, land use mapping, and hazard mitigation planning. The map designations also inform flood insurance rates for properties that have federally backed loans.

The CBJ and FEMA are accepting comments and appeals concerning the revised flood maps through July 9, 2018.

COMMENTS include corrections or clarifications pertaining to misspellings, labeling, and/or missing information on flood maps. 

APPEALS include information indicating that the elevations and/or delineations are scientifically and/or technically incorrect.


Below are 3 links to information that can be important to property owners interested in learning more about their flood risk designation and, possibly, interested in offering comments or instigating an appeal with FEMA. At the bottom of this page is found the Comment and Appeals Form, as well as contact information for the CDD planners who can help you with understanding this information and submitting the form.


Title Page from PowerPoint Presentation

On April 4, 2018, FEMA and CBJ hosted an open house for the community.  The agenda included:

  • Background of the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Flood Study Map Update Information
  • The process and schedule for updating the Juneau flood maps

Click on the image, left, to see the PowerPoint presentation from the open house.

flood zone map image

Property owners are encouraged to review the revised flood map to identify their property’s flood risk.

Click on the map image, at left, to access the full Juneau Flood Hazard Area Revision Map.


Website image

FEMA has a website with an interactive map comparing flood hazard data from 2013 and 2017.

To use the map, enter the full Juneau street address including zip code in the upper right search bar. The left panel of the map displays effective flood hazard data from 2013 while the right panel displays preliminary flood hazard data from 2017. Drag the gray bar left or right to view the two versions which are before-and-after views of the flood zones. Use the plus and minus signs (upper left of the map) to zoom in or out, and click and drag the cursor to move the map around.

Click on the image, at left, to access the flood map comparison website.


To submit comments or an appeal,  click on the form below. It is a fillable pdf, or you can print it out and enter your information manually.


comment form image



Your local contacts are:


Teri Camery,

CDD Senior Planner



Amy Liu,

CDD Planner



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