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113 S. Seward Street

Year Built:
113 S. Seward Street
Architectural Style:
Late Victorian
Historic Name:
C.W. Young Building/ Ace Hardware
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Initial Development Era 1883-1911
Parcel Number:
Juneau Downtown Historic District

Additional Information

General Description

This was a two-story wood frame building measuring 188' x 73'. The roof was flat and the foundation was wood piling. The storefront had floor-to-ceiling display windows. Numerous alterations took place over the years and the wood siding was stuccoed. In 1990, the alternations generally renovated the exterior in keeping with its original design and included horizontal siding on the lower level, storefront windows on the first level, and double hung windows on the second level. A fire destroyed the building on August 15, 2004.

Historical Information

In 1887, Charles Young built a large warehouse on the waterfront near the foot of Seward Street as a carpenter shop and building/hardware store. C.W. Young Hardware, was the business of Charles and his brother Frank. It supplied building materials for most of early Juneau construction. They also sold furniture and served as undertakers. Young is said to have made much money after the wreck of the "Princess Sophia" when a morgue was set up in the back of the store. In 1906 Young retired from the business, selling his entire interest to a local group headed by John C. McBride. Before the fire, the C. W. Young store was occupied by the Ace Hardware Co. and a number of other businesses. The Alaska Supply Company, where Mr. Young built his carpenter shop, is now Lyle’s Hardware store.

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