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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

306 Seventh Street

Year Built:
Circa 1916
306 Seventh Street
Architectural Style:
Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Classical Revival
Historic Name:
Britt House / Norwegian Consulate
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Territorial Gov't/Beginning Mining Era 1912-1920
Parcel Number:
Chicken Ridge

Additional Information

General Description

"This is a wood frame one-and-one-half story building with a gable roof covered in composition shingles and concrete foundation. The rectangular building measures 40' x 32'. The exterior walls are clad with horizontal wood beveled clapboard siding. The front facade is symmetrical with a centered doric columned open entry porch. There is a segmental pediment over the glass entry door with two side lites and an eyebrow transom. Other architectural features include triple windows in the gable wall, eave return at the roof line, a gable roofed dormer, a curved bay window with a cone roof, a triple window set into the side gable. The original double-hung windows have been replaced with casement windows. It is the only building classified as a Classical Revival in the Chicken Ridge neighborhood. It retains its integrity and is a contributing element to the architectural and historic unity of the neighborhood. It is a contributing building in the Chicken Ridge Historic District. "

Historical Information

"William E. Britt was a pharmacist originally from Norway. He came to Alaska as part of the Klondike gold rush in 1898. He established a drug store in Skagway and moved to Juneau in 1913. He served as a city councilman in 1914, was commissioner of the territorial historical library and museum from 1930-32. Elected to the Territorial House of Representatives from 1915-17, he also served in the Territorial Senate from 1919-1923. He was the Norwegian Vice Counsel for south Alaska from 1914-32 and was knighted by the King of Norway. "

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