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CDD - Historic Sites & Structures

104 W. Ninth Street

Year Built:
Circa 1915
104 W. Ninth Street
Architectural Style:
Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Bungalow/Craftsman
Historic Name:
Drake House
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Territorial Gov't/Beginning Mining Era 1912-1920
Parcel Number:
Chicken Ridge

Additional Information

General Description

"A wood frame, one-and-one-half story structure, it has a gable roof covered with wood shingles and a concrete foundation. The rectangular building (39' x 24') is sided with horizontal vinyl siding. The front elevation is asymmetrical with two minor gables, one gable over a bay window and the second gable over a glass enclosed entry porch. Architectural features include original double-hung windows with wide wood trim. Despite the addition of vinyl siding, the house retains its architectural integrity and is a contributing element to the architectural and historic unity of the neighborhood. It is a contributing building in the Chicken Ridge Historic District."

Historical Information

"James and Marie Drake lived in the house. The Drakes came to Alaska in 1919 and James Drake worked for the Bureau of Public Roads. Marie Drake served as Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Education. She wrote the lyrics to the Alaska State song, “The Alaska Flag Song.” A well-loved educator, Marie Drake Middle School is named in her honor. "

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