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511 Kennedy Street

Year Built:
511 Kennedy Street
Architectural Style:
Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Bungalow/Craftsman
Conrad W. Fries
Historic Name:
Fries-Fiorella House
Historic Use:
Date Local Designation:
Date National Register Designation:
Historic Integrity:
Historic Period:
Territorial Gov't/Beginning Mining Era 1912-1920
Parcel Number:
Starr Hill

Additional Information

General Description

" A one-and-one-half story building with a gable roof covered in composition roll roofing and a concrete foundation with a partial basement. The walls are covered with wood shingle siding. The original structure and roof were covered in wood shingles available locally from the Worthen Lumber Mill. Changes to the house include the enclosure of the front and rear porches, a gable roof was added to cover the front entry and a shed-roofed addition was placed on the side of the house. The original wood shingle siding is in place as well as the roof beam extensions and double-hung windows. The house has retained its architectural integrity with Craftsman Style Bungalow features such as triangular knee braces; exposed rafter tails and wide wood trim around the windows and doors. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places."

Historical Information

"This house is one of six homes known as the Fries Miners’ Cabins. Built in 1913, these structures are adjacent to one another in a row and built as housing for miners working in the local mines. The six buildings were originally identical structures in Craftsman style design and construction. Craftsman was a popular style at the turn-of-the-century because of its simple utilitarian design and construction details. All six buildings were built with local materials with the exception of the plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring. Conrad Fries, who reportedly built the six houses on Kennedy Street, owned this house from 1914 to 1926. Lena Kron and her husband, John Marshall owned the property until 1936. John Marshall worked as a miner. Knute Hildre bought the house in 1936. Hildre was a commercial fisherman who worked out of Juneau. In 1943 the house was sold to Norma and Allen Cook until 1955 when Dan and Eileen Cole purchased the property. The Cole family lived in the house until 1962 when Louis and Marguerite Fiorella bought the home. Louis Fiorella was Adjutant Quartermaster for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Alaska. "

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